Saas-Fee – an outdoor paradise in the Swiss Alps
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Saas-Fee – an outdoor paradise in the Swiss Alps

Hi, my name is Savi and I decided to spend my winter vacation at Saas-Fee in Switzerland...

Saas-Fee is a small village with inspiring nature located in Wallis, a southern Swiss canton. Saas-Fee is a popular destination for skiing, my main reason for going. By staying in this wonderful place, I was able to see and discover much more.

When I arrived, I saw the breathtaking mountains surrounding the village and instantly understood why the area is so popular – it’s quite a peaceful natural haven. As soon as I arrived with my family, I was amazed at how much care the locals took in looking after the natural environment. The entrance to the village directed me to an underground parking lot where I could leave my car. From then on, I discovered how people and nature seem to coexist harmoniously over there.

We enjoyed walking around the main streets of the pedestrian resort. Quaintly decorated souvenir shops, pleasant clubs with live music and tasty drinks and the hospitality all made up the unique atmosphere of the resort.

Skiing opportunities...

When I reached the ski slopes, mother nature revealed herself in her splendour! A view more picturesque than a postcard! A place whose atmosphere you can sense only when you’re there! On the subject of skiing opportunities, I can say that maybe more than half the ski terrain consisted of challenging red slopes, perfectly suitable for intermediate skiers like me. I also had a go on a number of blue slopes just for the enjoyment. The blue slope starting from the rocky outcrop Felskinn (at 2989 m) is a must to try out. Beautiful, exciting and memorable. And did you know there are tracks specially designed for sledding in some countries like Switzerland? Well, if you have kids, you can definitely enjoy the exhilarating slopes in Saas-Fee! When packing, just don't forget to put the sled in your trunk!

The local culture...

As a passionate traveller, I also enjoy getting to know the local culture wherever I go. In Saas-Fee, I recommend visiting the Saas Museum, an inspiring place with artefacts from folklore and a number of traditional costumes. Or the church of Saas-Balen, a late Baroque chapel dedicated to the Assumption of Mary that has been built and rebuilt three times since 1809. A must-see in the surrounding area is the impressive Ice Cave. To get there, you can simply take the Metro Alpin – the highest underground railway in the world. A 70-meter-long tunnel leads into what is probably the largest ice pavilion. The sculptures are really numerous and diverse and they make the place really special. You cannot fail to marvel at the place!

Of course, I was curious to try out the local cuisine...

Actually, a homemade fondue was highly recommended to us by an extremely amiable traveling couple from Italy whom we got to know and chatted to about our hobbies and other interests. Anyway, I tried homemade fondue for the very first time and since then I’ve become a fan. Especially the natural variety with its white truffle butter, the tomato-flavoured one and the one with onions! The homemade fondue was amazing, full stop! To note, they all were served with fresh bread – just the same as in the old Swiss cookbooks. Last but not least, the local beer, a must to wash down this local delicacy. I’m a beer fan and wherever I go I simply have to try out the local variety. Believe me, beer in different countries has very different tastes. The local beer industry has its own distinctive history and the beer its own authentic flavour.

Would I visit Saas Fee again? Of course! Why?

Because of its skiing opportunities with amazing panoramic views, the great forest walks in the amazing natural surroundings, warm hospitality and tasty local food and drinks – all just a small part of the breathtaking opportunities the amazing area has to offer. Next time, I'd also love to explore the nearby mountain village of Zermatt. And from there to climb the Klein Matterhorn, the magnificent peak of 3883m which can be reached with the world's highest 3S cableway. People say it's like a winter wonderland! You should probably be eager to know how exciting it is to be on top and how scenic is it there. Next time I’ll give you my impressions of my new adventures! Until then…

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